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Most of the unit is accessible throughout the year, but winter storms and sudden summer thunderstorms make a 4-wheel-drive vehicle almost a necessity. The unit is large and there are elk throughout especially in winter. Care to join me for an hour and call one in for me on day 1? Turkey population fluctuates greatly depending on climatic conditions. I have checked out the ranch already and been scouting a couple of times (literally directly north of Seligman) seen a few bulls but I am being told that come November 28th things will change. The Arizona Game and Fish Department has created a Game Management Unit 10 map to help hunters navigate the unit. With incredible genetics, it produces 400 class bulls every year, even on the drought years. Dedicated lion hunters should also check around Long Point, Black Tanks, Cataract Canyon, Paradise Ridge and many points in between. We will be over by round mountain if that matters. Arizona has two separate archery and rifle seasons in most units. Find an area to your liking and put in your time. I told her it doesn't quite work that way, especially in December, but after insisting I gave it a try (cow calls) and sure enough called in a herd of cows where she proceeded to take a very large one. Just grasses? 1579 N Main Street Ste 100 But we're focusing on that side, as we understand there are elk there and likely less hunters (I've been told the further west and north you go, the less hunters [williams area will be slammed]). Find & Download Free Graphic Resources for Elk Antler Logo. The late-season rifle elk hunt in Unit 23 is also one of our top picks for the best late-season rifle elk hunts in the state of Arizona. Cataract Lake Campground near Williams, managed by Coconino County Parks and Recreation (928-774-5139). Colorado Unit 61 Elk Hunts. I will be there helping my dad hopefully harvest his first elk. Cedar City, UT 84721 Being full-time year-round professional Arizona elk outfitters allows our highly experienced team of trophy elk hunting professionals to spend enormous amounts of time preseason scouting and locating the highest scoring trophy elk possible in Unit 10 for your long-awaited Arizona trophy elk hunt. I've been hunting deer for 15 + years and elk for the past 5 years in Colorado. For many new hunters, getting in the field is often the highest consideration. Shadows under pinion and junipers? it is very flat for an elk unit in AZ, very few remote canyons. You are using an out of date browser. Antelope densities fluctuate from year-to-year based on climatic conditions and the amount of predation exerted upon the herd by the plentiful number of coyotes. Arizona has two separate archery and rifle seasons in most units. The exception to this practice is the units that are managed as Alternative Management Units, 1, 9, 10, and 23. If you are unfamiliar with the AZ Draw process I'd suggest reading our post Understanding the Arizona Big Game Draw and Application Process. They are not, and oftentimes, they have the feel of an over-the-counter Colorado or Idaho elk hunt rather than a trophy bull hunt that hunters have come to expect from Arizona. Out of all these units, unit 1 has been the black sheep with quality being noticeably lower, but with recent tag cuts and a great population, it is looking better and better. The Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC Team of Arizona elk hunting professionals has produced several giant Arizona bull elk that score over 400 inches out of Arizonas Unit 10 including the 451 inch Boone and Crockett beast that is featured in the picture at the top of this post. The draw structure, management practices, elk population levels, and hunter interest results in Arizona being one of the more difficult states to acquire a tag in. Drawing a late season archery bull elk tag can typically be done with 0 to 3 bonus points for a resident hunter. The Bo side of the unit wasn't what I was expecting mainly rolling hills, a lot of juniper and SOME juniper/pinon mix. Fall Turkey Bag Limit: acura mdx won't start clicking noise 2022 Big Game Hunting Regulations PDF (18.2MB) Win Your Dream Hunt Corrections to Regulations Moose Hunt Areas Map Bighorn Sheep Units Maps Mountain Goat Hunt Areas Map Elk Areas Maps 2023 Multi-Season Permits Deer Areas Maps Game Management Unit Maps 2022 Spring Wild Turkey Game Bird . The big differences in bonus points and trophy quality from unit to unit, and the differences in units from archery season to rifle season where the bulls live.Thank you for watching! A herd of elk can feed along at a relatively fast rate and can easily out-distance a stalking bow hunter. Continue reading "Unit 10 - Arizona" Unit 10 consistently produces Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young record book elk and usually produces at least one or more 400-inch bulls every year as well. Arizona Unit 23 might not always produce giant bull elk in the numbers that Arizona Unit 9 and Arizona Unit 10 do but . The Kaibab National Forest has implemented its Travel Management Rule that designated a system of roads, trails, and areas for motorized use, and to prohibit all motor vehicle use off the designated system. We also offer guaranteed landowner tag hunts in New Mexico for hunters that do not want to wait years to draw a tag. Overview: Unit 10 has a healthy mountain lion population. PO Box 250 The Williams corner and the Aubrey Cliffs areas hold the most mule deer and correspondingly the most lions on a year-round basis. JavaScript is disabled. All hunts are draw only, and every unit is managed for trophy elk. That's my family's favorite weekend because it's the only time we can all get together. The Havasupai Reservation is off limits to sheep hunters. Early season should be great. This is real Grand Canyon sheep hunting. These hunts are again during the peak rut timeframe and big mature bulls are going to be the easiest to kill during these hunts. Hunters should be . When elk are located at a distance, aggressive hunting tactics are likely in order. Most of the unit is private property that is open to public access, but closed to off-road travel. Areas: Javelina are not easy to locate in Unit 10. Our Memberships Include The Most Accurate Draw Odds Available, Join Now! Scouting for the early bull hunt during the archery hunt should be as unobtrusive as possible. The draw back to these hunts comes in the form of hunter success, which is very low. Bulls prefer different habitat types during the late season tending toward secluded, isolated, and topographically rugged locations and many of the biggest bulls live in places where they cannot be reasonably hunted. Pick out several different elk calls cow calls and bugles and practice until you sound like an elk. Dont shoot the first bull you see, unless it is a real monster. "Give 100% in everything you do, unless you are donating blood.". Elk - Unit 10. Sep 10, 2013 #2 That unfortunately is a very difficult hunt to kill a nice bull. As a result of the higher success rates draw odds are lower. I will find out where his property is so I can give you some idea of where we plan to start. Research the latest Arizona Elk Hunting Draw Odds and Harvest Data for Unit 10. There are lots of Bulls and Cows in 10, However in the late season they stick around the Wind Turbine Tower area and the outskirts/hills of the wind farm, which last (2012) year was closed off and G.D.!! There are usually a few 400-point bulls here in years of good precipitation and range conditions. Major Cities and Towns in or Near Game Management Unit and Nearest Gas, Food, and Lodging, From the East: I-40, U.S. Hwy 180 Navajo Big Game Units GMUs Yuma Proving Grounds Big Game Units The #1 GPS Hunting App 975 million acres of public land 10,668 unique hunting units 421 map overlays and counting 5,000 game wardens approve It is my opinion that first-timers to elk hunting should be looking at tags with a balance of higher draw odds and moderate success rates. If you aren't caught up in that game, your opportunity to hunt Arizona increases substantially. Arizona. Access There are a lot of road hunters in that unit with a lot of tags and cold weather. We wouldnt say 2022 was a banner year, but it was definitely better than average with plenty of 350"+ bulls hitting the dirt. In Arizona, snowy weather is a two-edged sword. All Rights Reserved. Campfire Regular. But, with most of the AZ late hunts, its all about staying engaged in the hunt for the full 7 days, scouting prior to the season if you can, and having realistic expectations. Non-residents get in the game from 2 to 5 bonus points in many cases. Arizona Elk Permit-Tag Fee Resident: $148.00 Non-Resident: $665.00 Arizona Hunting License Fee Resident: $37.00 Non-Resident: $160.00 Note: All draw applicants need to purchase a nonrefundable Arizona Hunting License in order to apply. Arizona's current elk population is courtesy of Yellowstone National Park. Using a rifle and having a high success rate are the two most compelling factors for applying for a late rifle hunt. The map can be purchased at any Arizona Game and Fish Department Office. We have some of the best exclusive private land elk hunting opportunities available in Arizona. Although this has not been updated recently this is what you can expect in AZ. Remember that." For non-residents most of the tags worth hunting will range from 7 to 12 bonus points. Elk trophy quality is not always a major concern. Gong rats and good luck. Montana Bear Hunts. Most of the hunts we suggest people apply for are early archery and late rifle hunts. Glassing, spotting-and-stalking, still hunting, and sitting on water are all popular and effective ways to pursue mule deer here. Thanks for the input and hopefully I will have a story to tell in about 5 months, not that I am counting. Campfire Regular. Nonresident odds are bleak for many of the top hunts taking 14 to 24 bonus points. The trophy elk genetics that are found here are some of the finest to be found in the world. Much of the Unit is part of a ranch (Boquillias) that limits off road use. Experience also makes much more difficult hunts a more reasonable option. I will find out where his property is so I can give you some idea of where we plan to start. Mule deer in Unit 10 do not appear to be migratory. Outdoor Hub, LLC (d/b/a Carbon Media Group), 30800 Telegraph Rd, Suite 1921, Bingham Farms, MI 48025 USA. For non-residents most of the tags worth hunting will range from 7 to 12 bonus points. What state has the cheapest elk tags? Glass early and hope to catch them on the tops of the hills. Since I was planning on an Arizona move I had been . Please make sure your youth hunter is sure of their target, knows the appropriate place to take a clear shot at the vitals, waits the appropriate amount of time to determine if the animal is wounded, and takes follow-up shots, if needed. You can't hunt if you don't draw! In 2022, it will offer a rifle hunt and not a muzzleloader hunt. I am planning a few scouting trips. Nov 19, 2013. Great unit but can be really tough hunt. Don't let it get to you. Table 1. 6 were here. Cattle grazing and overhunting the sub-species led to its demise in the early part of the 20th century. I have not hunted elk in this unit during the late hunt. Late season rifle hunts take place in late November to early December. Like everywhere else, there are a bunch that aren't so serious, but plenty who are, and know what they are doing. Vary your use of different calls and calling sounds to keep the elk on edge. Our Arizona Elk Species Profile is another great way to determine . Unit 10 elk still respond to calling and this method of hunting can be as exciting as it gets. Good luck and happy hunting. Antelope, Bighorn Sheep,Black Bear,Elk, Javelina,Merriams Turkey,Mountain Lion,Mule Deer,White-tailed Deer, *Note regarding changes to Big Boquillas Ranch access, Hunters in Unit 10 should be aware of decision made by the Big Boquillas Ranch regarding access beginning with the 2013 fall hunting season. Thanks for the input and hopefully I will have a story to tell in about 5 months, not that I am counting. Overview: Black bears are not common in Unit 10, but they do either live here or travel through on a regular basis. Areas: The Kaibab National Forest portion of Unit 10 is a good location to hunt elk. You really think they will be in the open in October? The spot I'm referring to is directly below the above described campground. I would recommend spending a lot of time from high points glassing for elk. There are trade offs for each and every situation. There are a lot of elk in this unit. Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC is extremely experienced in Arizona Unit 10 and we have been very fortunate to have been able to produce some of the highest-scoring trophy elk to have ever come out of this great Arizona Elk unit. Please call or email Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC at any time if you would like to discuss Unit 10 Arizona elk hunting. The central part of Unit 10 from Mount Floyd north to Long Point, the Bishop Lake Plateau, the Aubrey Cliffs, Robbers Roost, and Cataract Canyon all hold huntable populations. Pay attention to the overall number of late rifle tags as they are very high and often catch hunters off guard who think this is going to be a low-pressure hunting situation due to the number of points required to draw. Overview: An overview is exactly what you will have when you hunt desert bighorn sheep in Units 9 or 10. Most of the hunts we suggest people apply for are early archery and late rifle hunts. Come join the discussion about safety, gear, tips, tricks, optics, gunsmithing, reviews, reports, accessories, classifieds, and more! Please respect private property and help to keep the unit open to public access. We're hoping to find some secluded spots off the ranch, on public land though. Someone elses hunt of a lifetime hangs in the balance. . Again, glassing from good vantage points and watching water can be good ways of locating elk. Quality in general if you look at the last five years is up and looking good, although for those who are still looking back to 10+ years ago and comparing, quality is still down from then. These hunts are much more desirable. You must log in or register to reply here. There are four categories that most bull elk hunts fall into. If you aren't caught up in that game, your opportunity to hunt Arizona increases substantially. Arizona is home to some of the best late rifle elk hunting in the country. I dont much about unit 10, but I have hunted late season elk near by. If you have any questions regarding the. Lots of guys on there with years of AZ experience. Unit 10 is a very huntable elk unit due to the fact that this unit is interspersed with a lot of hills rolling hills, broken ridge country, and lots of knobs that make excellent glassing points from which to scout and hunt trophy Arizona elk from. For access to all of our research and data we've collected over the last 20+ years, then join today and access the best research tools for hunting Elk in Arizona including 3D Maps, Draw Odds, Consultations and much more. Areas: Sheep are most commonly observed in the northern portion of the hunt area along Cataract Canyon. Boone and Crockett bulls are taken yearly in Arizona. The best thing you can do is get on OnX and Google Earth and start finding likely areas to hold elk- which are places as far off the beaten track as possible. Arizona is a state you must intend to apply for multiple years in order to draw a tag. Overview: Unit 10 is not a white-tailed deer hotspot. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. by arizonaelkoutfitters | Apr 16, 2013 | Arizona Elk Guides, Arizona Elk Hunts, Arizona Elk Outfitters, Trophy Elk Hunts. From the North: State Hwy 64 Glassing is important in this area. When there are no deep canyons, do they just tend to go to remote areas and hunker down during the day? Overview: Unit 10 is not a hot javelina unit, but the population has been growing. Call us at (602)705-4297 and book your hunt with the best trophy hunting providers in Arizona now! Joined: Aug 2010. Moisture levels and feed are great going into this winter, and bulls harvested during the late hunts were in good shape. If you are unfamiliar with the AZ Draw process I'd suggest reading our post, Late Archery: Easiest to Draw, Hardest to Hunt, Late Rifle: Best Draw odds for Firearms Hunts, Early Rifle/Muzzleloader: Most Coveted, Largest Bulls, There are many hunt options to choose from and many people will apply for the most sought after early season "trophy" hunts. Many bulls have broken racks following the frenzy of the rut. The further off the roads you are willing to go the better you will be. There is a fall archery-only over-the-counter permit hunt available in the fall. While there is always a punchers chance at turning up a giant in the rest of the units throughout Arizona, most have been slowly digressing in quality and 340"+ bulls are becoming very hard to find. Draw odds for the unit 23 late rifle hunt for Residents in 2020 were 100% for applicants with 12 or more points. This unit has all the right ingredients for growing giant bulls and unit 10 should always be very high on your list of the best Arizona units to apply for elk in. By Dedicated hunters who put in their time will locate mature bucks. Good luck and happy hunting. If you have any questions regarding the Arizona elk hunt application process or if you'd like to hunt with us at CTK, we can get you applied for your optimal hunt choices. There are a lot of elk in this unit. Posted By: Anaconda Re: Arizona Unit 10 late rifle - 04/26/14 I don't much about unit 10, but I have hunted late season elk near by. on a specific unit to access the Unit Profile in order to gain the greatest resource available to thoroughly learn a unit. Arizona Hunting Season Dates 2021-2022 Arizona Deer Season 2022-2023 Arizona Elk Season 2022-2023 General Elk season starts as early as Sept. Use our insider connections to know where to go and what to do. Maps for Montana Bear Hunting Districts Select a hunting unit from the dropdown menu or click a unit on the map below. Javelina have been seen in the Ponderosa pine country near Williams. The area north and west of Round Mountain, Bishop Lake, Long Point, Paradise Ridge, and Cataract Canyon are all in this category. Success rates are drastically higher than that of late archery seasons simply because firearms are substantially easier to kill elk with at much greater distances. Access problems are increasing with the proliferation of remote real estate subdivisions. Unit 10 is approximately 51 percent private land, 30 percent state land, and 8 percent National Forest Service, with the remainder being National Park and Indian reservation that is not open to hunting. Neither are all elk hunts within that unit. Lastly, it doesn't get any harder to guarantee yourself an AZ tag than applying for "trophy" rifle or muzzleloader units. Yes, they will be in the open in Oct. theyll get intolittle draws and hide out. They are there! Units with less topography are equally as difficult during the late season to find older age class bulls with no rut and very few vantage points to give hunters the edge. Looks like some good high timber and a few low spots. Had a late rifle tag for this year & donated it to the Arizona Elk Society because I started a new job & can't get the time off. If they are on the middle bench, the hunt becomes more difficult, but they are still huntable. The bigger bulls have gone back onto the reservation after the rut making it really tough. . The current Pope & Young world record elk (typical) came out of Arizona Unit 10 and was produced by us here at Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC. Unit 10 is surrounded by the Hualapai reservation on the west side, the Havasupai reservation on the northwest corner, and Unit 9 to the north. Make sure proper care is taken with meat. DRAW ODDS . i saw a lot of bulls there during antelope season. Elk are very callable in this unit, usually a bugling frenzy and lots of . I'm a mile wide and a inch deep, but hunting has been the only thing that is consistent in my life. These hunts can be a nonstop adrenaline rush with screaming bulls and encounters with giants. Ridgeline Outfitters provides Arizona elk hunts throughout the state, including Arizona elk units 1, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 3C, 7W, 8, 9, 10, and 27. Look for lion tracks around waterholes. Up early and into a good location to glass. Species Information Antelope Overview: If you want to hunt a record-book antelope, this is the place. Hunters must follow the ranch rules: do not litter, do not camp mile from water, stay on roads/trails, keep gates closed, and no trail cameras on private property sections. Not all elk units are created equal. The Boquillas Ranch/Diamond A Ranch will be implementing new ranch rules and requirements within the ranch boundaries. Areas: The best turkey hunting in Unit 10 usually takes place in the Ponderosa pine country on the Kaibab National Forest within 5-7 miles of Williams. Click for Terrain Detail. Bring your own water and haul out all of your garbage. Is it possible that bugling is running late due to the hit, so it may run longer into October, or is that just wishful thinking? If you are looking to harvest a world-class trophy bull elk, Arizonas unit 10 is the place where it can definitely happen. Just a thought. . It is a big Unit. Waterhole hunting from blinds or good hiding places can be a good method of hunting elk in the warmer times of the year. The Arizona Game and Fish Department has created a Game Management Unit 10 map to help hunters navigate the unit. Arizona Unit #9 Late Rifle Hunt BuckRut Jan 9, 2019 Jan 9, 2019 #1 BuckRut Well-known member Joined Jan 8, 2019 Messages 284 Location Montana I have decided to start the nonresident hunting gig this year and am beginning to wade through starting to figure out some of the units. I can let you know what I find. Arizona elk hunting in Unit 27 & 23 and also unit 1 & 10 offer some of the best rifle elk hunting in Arizona.Arizona hunter, guide, and outfitter Tim Winslow.. If your are interested in a booking a guided/outfitted Arizona Elk hunt with CHASE'N THE KING please contact Dillon Currie by Text or Call: (623) 606-3364 or Email: we can help you through the entire application process and to determine the correct hunt options for your individual and unique set of circumstances and consideration. M. 100% w/ 10 pts: 10 - Late Rifle: 360"+ 36%: 100% w/ 8 pts: 86% w/ 12 pts: 19A - Late Rifle: 310 . If you do hear a bugle or two, it's quite possible that the bulls will be solitary by then. missing persons in california,